Havat Allenby Wedding | Rebekah + Joel

There is something so infectious about being around people who are full of happiness and truly love life. It draws you in, makes you smile, and appreciate all that is around you even more than you did before. When those people find each other, the one who truly makes them happy, their force is unstoppable…

Rebekah and Joel are one of those couples. From the moment you meet them, it’s obvious. As we arrived at Havat Allenby on a beautiful late spring day, we knew that along with all the beauty, love, and seriousness of the day, it would also be filled with laughter, levity, and joy.

Havat Allenby_Rebekah_Joel_0001Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0002 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0003 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0004 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0005Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0006 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0007 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0008 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0009 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0010 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0012 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0013 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0014 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0015 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0016 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0017Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0018 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0019 Havat Allenby_Rebekah_Joel_0020 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0021 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0022 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0023 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0024Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0025Havat Allenby - Rebekah_Joel_0026 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0027 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0028 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0029Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0030Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0031 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0032 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0033 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0034 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0035 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0036 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0037 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0038 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0039 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0040Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0041 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0042 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0043 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0044 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0045 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0046 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0047 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0048 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0049 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0050 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0051 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0052 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0053Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0054 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0055 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0056 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0057 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0058 Havat Allenby_Rebekah_Joel_0059 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0060 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0061 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0062 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0063 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0064 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0066 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0067 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0068 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0069 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0070 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0071 Havat Alenby_Rebekah_Joel_0072

Hair and Make-Up: Leah Neppe
Venue: Havat Allenby


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