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Bridal boudoir is an opportunity for a woman to celebrate a beautiful milestone in her life and express her own unique sexuality. While the wedding is around the corner and most people are drowning in the chaos of planning their special day, it allows you to create a peaceful space where a woman can explore her femininity in a gorgeous setting. These are all elements we aimed to bring together for this dreamy Jerusalem bridal boudoir session…

From the beginning, we really wanted to incorporate florals that would be used as an inspiration for the wedding itself. Light colors and interesting combinations, with a clean backdrop to help focus on the beauty of a woman’s body, of her style, the florals and even just the light coming through the large windows that adorned this bedroom.

At a stunning home, along with some remarkably talented vendors, we began preparations for what we hoped would be a platform for our art and our collaborative creative energy. We went from intricate lingerie to romantic wedding dresses and finally, a vulnerable set of images in a gorgeous, free-standing tub. As the story unwound, the bride was able to really connect with her inner self and sensuality in a way that was only her own…

Lace detail on lingerie from Jerusalem bridal boudoir Bride in free standing tub during Jerusalem bridal boudoir session

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend going and taking a look at Rebecca’s images from this session on her blog.

Floral Design: Sara Winter Floral Artistry
Makeup: Sheldon Bruck
Hair: Katy Taurel-Ciabotaru
Lingerie and Dress: Marina Valery
Model: Noa Elharar

As featured on Bajan Wed

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