Ma’ale Adumim Portraits | Levine Family

One of the beautiful things about photography is being able to capture the moments that are often overlooked in the day to day hustle of our lives. Family portraits are a way to pause and soak up those very moments. For this reason, I like to let families do their thing, while naturally posing them throughout their session. It ends up feeling more like a fun, family outing, and it allows me to tell their story more authentically.

This incredible family got in touch with me about doing their family portraits, and right away, I knew it was going to be so much fun! I traveled to where they live in Ma’ale Adumim and scouted out a gorgeous location… There’s nothing like brotherly love… Kids are always going to want to explore, and I love celebrating that! It’s nice to get a few couple portraits in. If the kids let us! 🙂

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