Shuk HaCarmel Portraits | Fabiana Kocubey

As a creative, I think that it is important to do things that push yourself. To move out of your comfort zone as often as possible. So last spring, with a camera and just one roll of film in hand, I set off to Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv. There I met up with Fabiana Kocubey, a talented photographer herself, for coffee and an impromptu session…

Fabiana K-3_WEB Fabiana K-7_WEB Fabiana K-9_WEB Fabiana K-14_WEB Fabiana K-16_WEB Sitting on bar stool in ShukHaCarmel Portrait standing in light shuk hacarmel Fabiana K-23_WEB Fabiana K-24_WEB Fabiana K-26_WEB Fabiana K-27_WEB

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