Valley of Hinnom Engagement | Mona + Herve

As we sat in the cafe at the Mount Zion Hotel before their engagement session, overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City walls and the Valley of Hinnom, I could tell that there was something special about Mona and Herve. I suppose we knew already throughout our email correspondence, hearing about their story, their love for each other… and pain au chocolat. Seeing them in front of me though solidified it. Their care and willingness to put each other and others before themselves was obvious. Each of them making sure that the other was comfortable, had something to eat and drink before we started. Their deep love and admiration for each other truly coming through during our time together…

Valley of Hinnom Engagement_Mona_Herve_0001 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0002 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0003 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0004 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0005 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0006 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0007 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0008 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0009 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0010 Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0011Valley of Hinnom Engagement_Mona_Herve_0014Valley of Hinnom_Engagement_Mona_Herve_0012 Valley of Hinnom Engagement_Mona_Herve_0013

Hair and Makeup: Cassy Avraham

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